My Story

From High School to Vietnam 1966

Like most males in 1966 graduation from High School meant either college or the service. Vietnam was just expanding and the country was gearing up for a large influx of troops to fight an escalating war. My Dad had his war, WWII, my neighbors had Korea, and now it was my turn to answer the call from Uncle Sam. After a few schools I was on my way to Vietnam, and arrived in Da Nang, I-Corps. 

One year later I was on the big bird heading back to the World. Little did I know that I-Corps was the most sprayed area in Vietnam., and I was flying back with death in the seat with. I was bringing multiple cancers hidden within my lymph nodes and bones.

I got on with my life and integrated into the normal world and left Vietnam behind me.  I worked several jobs when I first got out in West Virginia and then decided that I would move to Arizona. In 1976 Arizona had not been discovered as the place to move to. I prospered in Arizona and became a Phoenix Police Officer.  I also found that I missed the brotherhood of the military and joined the Arizona Army National Guard.